Waste Management Audits

Waste management and disposal are becoming more of a concern every year.  Municipalities and cities spend millions of dollars a year to dispose of wastes generated in homes, businesses and public spaces. Lakeside Green Environmental performs waste audits for buildings and municipal properties to recognize contribution to waste generation. The results of a detailed waste audit allows municipalities to reduce their contribution to ever increasing waste issues.  Lakeside Green Environmental provides suggestions and opportunities to mitigate the volume of waste generated and alternate means of processing, if applicable. 

A packaging audit may be performed in conjunction with a waste audit with the aim of generating a comprehensive understanding of how municipal sectors contribute to waste generation based on consumption habits and patterns.

Audits are tailored to each municipal sector based on the goals of individuals and the project budget. Some municipalities prefer to perform a self audit, in which case Lakeside Green Environmental provides an audit template, guidance through the process, and final data analysis and processing.