Lakeside Green Environmental offers a suite of services to municipalities.  From addressing regulatory compliance issues to environmental assessments and records of site condition.  Lakeside Green Environmental performs asbestos audits, hazardous materials audits, waste audits, testing for air quality, and verification sampling, often applied to underground tank removals. 

Specific to municipalities, Lakeside Green Environmental offers monitoring of active and closed landfills and waste water lagoons for compliance with Ministry of the Environment issued Certificates of Approval.

Lakeside Green Environmental is Your One Stop for Municipal Environmental Peace of Mind.


March 2012: On-Site Sewage System Inspections, Glengarry

Lakeside Green Environmental has been contracted to provide inspection services to the Municipalities of North and South Glengarry related to septic systems under the Ontario Building Code. 

Submission of all permit requests, designs and fees should be completed at the respective municipal office.  Contact will be initiated by Lakeside Green Environmental Consulting once the design has been received in our offices for review. 

Subsequent inspection requests may be submitted via fax or email directly to our offices.