Verification Sampling for Underground Storage Tank Removal

Residential homeowners who use fuel oil stored in an above ground or underground storage tank for their heating system are subject to regulation by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA).  The Fuel Safety Program of TSSA regulates the use of petroleum fuels by suppliers, storage facilities, transport trucks, pipelines, contractors, and all associated equipment and appliances; homeowners are included in this category. 

Homeowners who remove or upgrade an underground storage tank are required to test the soils in the surrounding area for potential contamination. A report confirming the soils are not contaminated must then be submitted to TSSA. Lakeside Green Environmental has extensive experience developing verification sampling programs and preparing written documentation which satisfies the TSSA guidelines.

In the event of a fuel oil spill or discovery of contamination during the verification sampling, Lakeside Green Environmental will work with the homeowner to develop a detailed remedial plan specific to the property. Clean up activities  depend on several factors such as type of contamination, the area of contamination, if ground water is impacted, and the time frame for the project. Lakeside Green Environmental has substantial experience working with TSSA approved contractors restoring properties to meet standards set out by the Ministry of Environment.